Apple extends repair program for cracking AirPods Pro


Update October 14, 2021: Apple has extended its repair program for cracking AirPods Pro. You now have an extra year to go back with crackles and noise. The program started on October 30, 2020 and would run for two years from when they went on sale. Now Apple has extended this to three years. Because the AirPods Pro were released in October 2019, you have until October 2022 to report your problem. Apple will then replace the earpiece free of charge, after inspection. The affected AirPods were produced before October 2020.

For people who weren't aware there was a repair program, it's also good news. You may have been walking around with unexplained murmurs for a while and now you know what's going on.

The following is our original article from October 30, 2020.

Faulty AirPods Pro? Apple is going to replace them

It also applies to people who have problems with noise cancellation. The affected AirPod Pros were produced before October 2020, Apple reports in a support document. If they are bothering you, you can take them to Apple or an authorized service provider to have them replaced. Unfortunately, repair is not possible with the AirPods, because they cannot be screwed open. Does it bother you?

According to Apple, the defective AirPods suffer from the following issues:

  • Crackling or static noise, which increases in loud environments, during exercise or on a phone call.
  • Active noise canceling does not work well, for example loss of bass or an increase in background noise such as street or airplane noise.

Other AirPods are not eligible. It is also not an easy way to have your properly functioning AirPods Pro replaced for free, because it will first be determined whether the mentioned problems really exist. If that is indeed the case, then the left, right or both ears will be replaced. The AirPods Pro case has no defect and will not be replaced.

The service program applies worldwide. You have up to two years after the AirPods Pro went on sale to report your problem to Apple. Do you have other AirPods Pro problems? Then check our overview or check our list of repair programs for Apple products to see if you are eligible for another scheme.