Alitalia, today the last flight: the curtain falls after 75 years, from tomorrow c '? Ita


Today Alitalia d & agrave; farewell to the skies : the last flight takes off at 10:05 pm from Cagliari airport to land shortly after 11 pm in Rome Fiumicino, closing the curtain on the history of the national airline.

Actually, at airports it will be; It is possible to continue to see the aircraft with the Alitalia livery , because & eacute; the new Ita company should take off temporarily with the Alitalia livery in view of a definitive award of the old name. S & igrave ;, because & eacute; over the years the flag carrier & egrave; was Lai, Cai, Sai while remaining Alitalia in the various changes of ownership, from public to private; while now the brand & egrave; for sale, in the name of discontinuity & agrave; requested by the EU to restart.

The Newco is therefore called only Italia Trasporti Aereo Spa, as defined by the government decree signed in recent days by the four ministers of Economy, Transport, Economic Development and Labor, and starts with a share capital of 20 million euros. However the transition marks a clear change from the past, also in terms of size , with a small fleet and several fewer employees.


Today's is; a day of emotion for the many employees who found themselves saying goodbye to the national airline, but also for bitterness for the many who have not been reabsorbed by Ita due to its considerably larger size; restricted.

On the other hand, the history of Alitalia is; linked to that of the country: founded in Rome on September 16, 1946 with the name of Alitalia-Aerolinee Italiane Internazionali, operates the first flight on May 5, 1947 on the Turin-Rome-Catania route, followed by a few months after the first international flight from Rome to Oslo, while for the first intercontinental flight, from Milan to Buenos Aires, you will have to; wait until 1948.

Owned of the Iri (Institute for Industrial Reconstruction) and therefore state since its inception, Alitalia is merged with the other Italian flag airline, Lines Aeree Italiane (LAI) and in 1960 becomes the official sponsor of the Rome Olympics , followed the following year by the opening of the Rome Fiumicino airport where the company positions its main hub.

The new logo, the one with the classic & quot; A & quot; tricolor, dates back to the 70s, was adopted on the occasion of the delivery of the first Boeing 747-100. That decade and the next bring expansion of the fleet and network , with Douglas DC-10, McDonnell Douglas MD-80 and Airbus A300 and the opening of routes to the Far East, but also the first tensions linked to the monopoly.

< p> Halfway through of the 90s the company enters into an economic crisis and enters into an agreement with KLM, which ends prematurely. The history of Alitalia is intertwined with the one that overwhelms the world on 11 September 2001 and radically changes air transport, but the decline continues unstoppable until 2007 for which new solutions are sought with privatization.

Negotiation with Air France faded, Operation Fenice starts , a consortium that brings together Air One and about twenty Italian entrepreneurs under the direction of Intesa San Paolo to save the company with an investment of 1.1 billion euros. Here the story of Lai ends, with a clear cut in employees, and that of Alitalia Cai, which for & ograve; it has a short life also due to the increasing competition; fierce of low cost airlines.

The accounts are in the red and a new injection of capital is needed : this time to invest & egrave; Etihad, company more & ugrave; small compared to Emirates and Qatar Airways, which for & ograve; & egrave; grown a lot thanks to massive investments in the fleet; in 2014 the agreement was signed and Alitalia became Sai (Societ & agrave; Aerea Italiana), taking off the first plane on January 1, 2015.

The accounts for & ograve; continue to plummet and so on; in 2017 the company & agrave; is placed in extraordinary administration , and the situation definitively worsened with the 2020 pandemic. With the Cura Italia decree, a new company was established under the public wing, Ita, which to leave needs the green light from Brussels, from which for & ograve; discontinuity is asked: and so & igrave; it happens, starting from the brand that is discontinued.


The debut of Ita will take place; tomorrow in streaming, a few hours after the take-off of the first flight of the morning on the Rome-Milan route: the new company will depart; with 52 aircraft and 2,800 employees , for now only with the & quot; aviation & quot; branch; Alitalia's maintenance and handling branches will be tendered at a later date by the extraordinary administration.

Ita sar & agrave; integrated within large groups such as Skyteam or Star Alliance – it will be known probably within the first quarter of 2022 – but, as the president of the company Alfredo Altavilla wanted to underline, it will do so & agrave; in conditions of equal dignity, unlike what happened in the past with Alitalia, & quot; treated as the poor relative of the alliance & quot ;.

The fleet will be; small size : of the 52 aircraft, 7 will be wide body and 45 narrow body, but in 2022 growth is expected to reach 78 aircraft, of which 13 of the first type and 65 of the second, with the entry of new generation aircraft that will progressively replace the old ones. In 2025, the fleet is expected to have; 105 aircraft including 81 new generation, to reduce the environmental impact and optimize costs.

The number of employees is also; destined to grow , up to reach 5,550/5,700 people at the end of the plan, in 2025, to which a further 2,650/2,700 employees will eventually be added for activities; of Ground Handling and 1,100-1,250 employees for the activities; maintenance should Ita win the tenders announced for these areas.

As regards the routes, the start of operations will be; driven by their profitability , to which we will add a selected number of & quot; investment & quot; routes which, even if not immediately profitable, will serve to ensure a sustainable presence on the markets of interest for the country. So, Ita focusizzer & agrave; its business; on the Fiumicino hub and on the Milan Linate airport, where it will be positioned as a reference airline for business and leisure traffic.

At the start of the business; 45 destinations will be served with 61 routes , which will become 74 destinations and 89 routes respectively in 2025. For now we are talking about New York from Rome and Milan, Tokyo Haneda, Boston and Miami all three from Rome; but in 2022 new flights will be launched on Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Washington and Los Angeles. The European routes will be covered with departures from Fiumicino and Linate, while the medium-haul international ones such as Athens, Tel Aviv and Cairo will depart only from Rome. At the domestic level it will be; guaranteed coverage of the country's 21 airports.

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