Waze: Headspace arrives, a new theme to relax while driving


With the return in the presence of many activities, the traffic is; back to the old one : and then here again queues, traffic jams, slowdowns and nervousness. In some places more that in others, driving can & ograve; turn into a really stressful experience, especially during rush hour.

Have you ever thought that the solution could come from one of the road navigation apps that accompany us every day in these journeys? Evidently someone from Waze is, because & eacute; the free app has launched a new theme dedicated to relaxation while driving (as well as making an agreement with the municipality of Milan to try to decongest the city together with TomTom). As if to say: in the middle of a traffic jam the only way out is find inner peace.

The theme is called Headspace , and its goal according to the developers & egrave; learn & quot; to find more & ugrave; joy and meaning on the road & quot ;. The package requires the directions to be read by a mindfulness and meditation teacher, Eve Lewis Prieto, and is Five different moods can be selected: Aware, Bright, Hopeful, Joyful and Open.

< p> Also, the new theme allows you to represent your car with the icon of a smiling balloon , which probably is; the ideal state of grace to aim for as you rush to an appointment and the hands run inexorably in the middle of a predictable traffic jam.

Not only that: to the chosen mood is; also associated with a custom playlist on Spotify, which can & ograve; can also be played directly from within the app with Waze Audio Player, to complete the experience. The Headspace theme will be & agrave; made available as of these days , but unfortunately not in Italian: if you want, you can try it in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese by simply clicking on the banner & quot; Drive with Headspace & quot; that will appear in the menu MyWaze. What do you say, will you give it a chance?

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