IONITY, support for Plug & amp; Charge reaches the entire charging network


IONITY announced that it has extended to all its stations in Europe the support for the Plug & amp; function Charge . After its gradual diffusion in recent months, the joint venture has made it known that it is; available within the 371 stations for fast charging of electric cars. It is a automatic authentication system that avoids having to use an app or a card.

Everything electric users have to do is; connect your car to the column . Subsequently, after the authentication phase between the vehicle and the column, it will start & agrave; automatically the charging session. The billing is also; automated system and all the necessary information is stored (in secure form) in the vehicle's on-board system.

A solution that & egrave; very similar to the one used by Tesla inside its Suprchargers. The Plug & amp; Charge is based on the ISO 15118 standard . The first tests on the IONITY network began towards the end of 2018 and, progressively, this function is; has been extended to stations in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy and the Czech Republic.

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Auto 14 Sep

Now, the Plug & amp; Charge & egrave; available anywhere on the IONITY network. Obviously, & egrave; the standard must be also supported by the car in order to be used. The Porsche Taycan & egrave; was the first compatible car. Recently, the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Mercedes EQS with this mount also arrived on the market. Unfortunately, there are currently no “ widespread '' electric models. that support this functionality. Volkswagen has long ago made it known that it will introduce & agrave; the Plug & amp; Charge on its cars but there are no precise details about it.

It goes without saying that such a system makes the charging experience much more; simple and above all within everyone's reach since you don't need apps and cards, you just need to connect the cable to the car. The costs obviously do not change. In this regard, please note that recently IONITY has launched a new subscription rate designed for all those who travel a lot with their electric and often use its high-power charging network.

The IONITY Passport subscription has a monthly cost of 17.99 euros which allows you to supply energy at 0.35 euros per kWh. If you do not have some special rate, the cost per kWh from the IONITY columns is; of 0.79 euros.

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