Italvolt, new step forward for the Italian Gigafactory: agreement with ABB


Italvolt's project to build a Gigafactory in Italy has taken a further step forward. The company & agrave; founded by Lars Carlstrom has entered into an important collaboration agreement with ABB . The two companies will work together to develop a whole range of new processes that will accelerate the production of battery cells . In particular, ABB will collaborate; with Italvot to offer support in the design and supply of electrification and automation solutions for energy control, distribution and management.

Furthermore, I will collaborate; on solutions for optimization of production processes . But it is not; over here because & eacute; will be also provided advice on robotics and automated operations for the transport and handling of material within the future new plant. Furthermore, ABB will collaborate; with Italvolt to find new solutions for the collection, processing, cloud storage and analysis of data for production planning, quality control, management, operations and reporting .

The plans of the new company founded by Lars Carlstrom are very ambitious. We remind you that Italvolt will build in Scarmagno a factory for the production of cells for the batteries of electric cars that will be able to; have, once fully operational, a capacity; per year of 45 GWh . The factory project is; been entrusted to Pininfarina. The activities should start in 2024. The project foresees an investment of 3.4 billion euros.

Construction work on the factory should start, if there are no hitches, during the first half of the factory. of 2022. The new plant will allow & agrave; to employ about 4 thousand people, without forgetting the benefits for the related industries. Lars Carlstrom, CEO and founder of Italvolt, on the announcement of this partnership, commented:

Italvolt aims to seek industrial excellence in every area of ​​our activities; and we are pleased to announce this collaboration agreement with ABB, one of the most important names; important in the industry globally. ABB technology will help us & agrave; to ensure sustainability; of our manufacturing facility and to enable efficient, reliable and cost-effective production. We are happy that ABB is joining us on this journey.

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