Google, the smartphone as a digital key of the car: traces in Play Services


On the occasion of the Google I/O in May we officially learned that soon Android smartphones (as already & agrave; happens for iPhones) could have been transformed into digital keys for cars . The turning point will come; with Android 12, which is now; around the corner: the stable version & egrave; already been uploaded on the AOSP portal, and by the end of the month & egrave; the update is planned for the Pixel, the big G smartphones that always lead the way to the new incarnations of the green robot.

After the hint a few months ago, however, it is not ; no update arrived. Up to now: the colleagues of Xda Developers in fact have found within the code of the latest update of the Google Play Services (v21.39.15) traces that testify to the ; imminent introduction of the new & quot; Digital Car Key & quot; feature.

The strings confirm that the feature will support; on the NFC (and on the UWB, as confirmed by the company) to unlock the machines, and also reveals that it will be; available at launch only on select devices and only in certain specific regions. When the Google Play Services will update to receive this news, the user will receive & agrave; a dedicated notification:

This update installer & agrave; the & quot; digital car key & quot; service on your phone. You will receive a notification in the next few minutes to continue configuring your key.

Also, for obvious reasons the system will require; to necessarily set a screen lock if you have not done so and you intend to activate the function. The digital keys will most likely be stored in the Google Pay wallet.

It is not; clear what the plans of Google are, but considering that the implementation in the code is; at a good point not & egrave; to exclude that this feature may be among those integrated immediately on the Pixels with the update to Android 12 (always taking into account the limitations relating to the markets mentioned above). We will see: in this sense the launch event on October 19th of the new Pixel 6 and 6 Pro could prove to be decisive.

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