A bollard not working? Ford sends the charger angels


All those who drive an electric car know very well that, unfortunately, it is still possible today; find in front of a column that doesn't want to leave. A big problem, especially if we need to reload urgently. Ford has come up with a curious solution to this problem which for the moment will be; experienced in America. Is not serious; clear if something like this will be; also proposed in Europe but given what the manufacturer has designed, a similar service would certainly be interesting.


The idea is very simple. According to Automotive News, Ford has decided to create a team that & egrave; was called & quot; charger angels & quot ;. On board a Mustang Mach-E, the people who will be part of this team will go to the faulty columns to check their actual operation and understand any failure through a special instrumentation. To identify them, customer communications, vehicle data and even reports from social networks will be exploited.

To carry out this project, Ford & egrave; likely that it will have to; also collaborate with the companies that manage the charging infrastructures, especially as regards the management of repairs. For the moment, however, the precise details of the project have not been disclosed. However, the American manufacturer hopes to put his 'charge angels' on the road. already by the end of the year . It will be therefore very interesting to understand if Ford will indeed succeed; to create such a service. It goes without saying that the project could “ put under pressure '' infrastructure managers who could, thus, speed up troubleshooting times.

Apparently, the idea stems from the fact that the F-150 electric pickups will arrive on the road next year Lightning, vehicles that can also be used to tow bulky and heavy trailers. If driving a Mutang Mach-E & egrave; quite easy to move from one column to another, it is; less when you have to park a bulky pickup truck with a trailer every time. The goal of the American manufacturer is to ensure that your customers always have the best possible charging experience. Such work, of course, would also benefit all other electrical users.

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