Wi-Fi 6 vs. Wi-Fi 5: Two Vodafone stations in the community's reader test


From the community comes a detailed reader test that compares two Vodafone stations with Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5 for the cable network of the Internet provider Vodafone in terms of ping and data throughput and delivers clear results . Several test scenarios are used in the reader's home environment.

In his reader article “Comparison of the old and new Vodafone station”, the ComputerBase reader “Killer Attacks” has the old Vodafone Station with WLAN according to Wi-Fi 5, formerly IEEE 802.11ac, compete against the recently introduced new Vodafone station with Wi-Fi 6, formerly IEEE 802.11ax, and performed performance measurements with regard to latency, throughput and power consumption.

< p class = "p text-width">The new Vodafone station with Wi-Fi 6 was particularly convincing in terms of lower power consumption, which could be reduced from 16 watts to now 10 watts, and when measuring power with an iPad at a distance of 5 meters through two walls.

From the ComputerBase forum community

  • Reader's article “Comparison of the old and new Vodafone station”

The exchange of the fully functional router via Vodafone was also not a problem.

I am an existing Vodafone customer and use the old one Vodafone station. After Computerbase reported there was now a new Vodafone station with Wi-Fi 6, I called customer service and asked for a replacement. This was possible without any problems.

Killer attacks, community member

There were no exchange fees for the ComputerBase reader, nor was a contract extension necessary. The old Vodafone station with Wi-Fi 5 only had to be sent back to Vodafone within 12 days.

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