This is where the AFA leader secretly lives – in the middle of the idyll


Published 11 October 2021 at 11.01

Domestic. AFA leader Tor Alsén is singled out as the mastermind behind the left's terror in Gothenburg. Now he has made a name for himself with the convicted left-wing extremist Axel Rosengren in Gothenburg, but in reality he lives at an address near the idyllic Ramberget, writes the site Avmaskerat.

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The site has found the real address in an order to the police in Greater Gothenburg to carry out a house search at two addresses in Gothenburg.

The national task force raided the address on Stataregatan 2 D lgh 1301 on March 12, 2020 and then found Tor Alsén who was sleeping in one of the rooms.

“We went into the designated bedroom and secured Tor. Tor was then moved to the sofa in the living room where an ISV operator was watching him. After a while, an IGV patrol arrived. Tor was put in the police car and transported away “, the report says.

Tor Alsén got attention when Exakt24 revealed that in various podcasts he has called for” terror “against individuals opponents and stated that he dreams of killing his bosses at Sahlgrenska Hospital, where he is employed as a nurse.

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