Scarce reception of Federley's “support” for Hanif


Published October 11, 2021 at 1:31 pm

Domestic. It aroused mixed feelings on Facebook when the scandal-ridden center-right party member and gay profile Fredrick Federley went to the social networking site and expressed his “support” for Hanif Bali.

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“Even though we have disagreements, I hope it's not the drive that lowers you,” Federley wrote in a post on Hanif Bali's Facebook page, comparing the situation to how his “relatives” got hurt. the former pedophile drive against himself.

However, Hanif Bali did not respond to the message, and the dominant emoji from readers quickly became a figure who mocks.

“Not to be it but “Do not think that your support or an attempt to compare your situation helps Hanif very much. If you want to help him, you probably do your best to stay away from his comment field”, states a reader.

“Now compare “Apples and pears. From what I understand, Bali has not done anything very disgusting,” writes another.

who believe the Center Party's claims.

“If you really mean what you say, why did you not send the same message privately to him? “, an Iranian writes to Federley and continues:

” You do a so-called 'I speak to the door so that the wall belongs', as we Persians say “.