Porsche VS Polestar: the contenders try to knock themselves out. The challenge ? match


Polestar VS Porsche , & egrave; the challenge for the best manufacturer of luxury and sports cars has begun. The title up for grabs for & ograve ;, for the moment, & egrave; valid only if with 100% electric engines . At the right corner there is Porsche, the Stuttgart brand, the German Cavallina. The reigning champion is much appreciated by those who love four-wheelers, for her ability; to produce excellent, iconic, sporty and elegant cars at the same time. Usable every day and also perfect for shopping as at ease in a hot lap at the gun. The next goal? Graduate champion among the premium brands that will produce 100% electric and already; owner of the Porsche Taycan. Her secret weapon, the perfect shot that will result in in a technical KO for the opponent. Difficult to argue; all-round sedan, electrified to the core and electrifying in the road test.

On the other hand, the challenger. Polestar , unknown to many but held in the palm of a hand in the Swedish automotive field. Brand even more & ugrave; Volvo premium, sporty and dedicated to electric propulsion. The challenger who wants to give Porsche the name as the best manufacturer of premium electric cars . I will try & agrave; to win the challenge on this treacherous ring with the blows of his models; Polestar 1 and Polestar 2 . But the young athlete has a few surprises in store as soon as he scatters & agrave; meeting. On the corner for Polestar there is also Thomas Ingenlath, Chief Executive Officer of Volvo Polestar Racing urging his athlete to achieve the set goal.

& ldquo; We are racing with Porsche to create the best premium powered sports car 100% electric & ldquo ;.

These are his words. It is sure of s & eacute ;. And it could not be otherwise given that he is challenging a full-blown champion. The bookmakers do not give Polestar a winner in this bout that is about to begin. Yet bettors should keep in mind that in 2022 Polestar will debut. on the European market with two other hopeful athletes, talented on paper; the Polestar 3 and Polestar 4 SUVs .

The belt up for grabs is; that of the “best electric SUVs on the market”. A very important title to see the preferences of the market and taking into account the new and undaunted mobility; electric. The challengers? The Porsche tag team made up of Cayenne but above all from the Porsche Macan, close to 100% electric propulsion. The challenge in the ring & egrave; set for 2023. But it is not; over here. The Polestar gym has another arrow inside its quiver, and it is ready to launch it in 2024, when it will present; the Polestar 5 to the public all over the world. In the sights once again the Porsche Taycan and the talented outsider Tesla Model S.

& ldquo; Our product range will grow & agrave; in the next few years, and this will allow; the brand to appear in a completely different light – the CEO Polestar & ndash; In this way we will be able to get out even more & ugrave; from the shadow of Volvo, and we will be able to be perceived even more; independent, throughout Europe & rdquo ;.

Meanwhile, the & quot; gong & quot; is ringing. The referee invites the contenders to the center of the ring. The challenge is; started .

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