IDC figures: PC market continues to grow in Q3 despite hurdles


In the third quarter of this year, more PCs, notebooks and workstations were sold – this is the sixth quarter in a row. The corona pandemic led to a huge demand but at the same time to a shortage of components and various other challenges.

Growth slowed down significantly

Real relaxation and improvements in the supply of parts, but also in logistics, there has been almost nothing in this area in the last few months, the IDC report soberly states. This also only sees growth of 3.9 percent to 86.7 million units, after 83.6 million units in the second quarter. This is why some manufacturers prioritize certain markets while others are kept on a long leash with supply. And so the new analyzes of the sale of PCs, notebooks and workstations in the last quarter are also partly a consideration of who has mastered these challenges best.

Dell wins the most

IDC sees Dell as the winner in this new analysis of the PC market. Compared to the previous year, Dell was able to sell almost 27 percent more PCs in the third quarter of 2021, ranking third with 15.2 million units. First place is and remains Lenovo, with minimal growth of 3.1 percent they delivered almost 19.8 million PCs. The runner-up HP was the only manufacturer among the six largest companies to record a decline of almost 6 percent to 17.6 million units.

Apple is also one of the largest winners in percentage terms. They were able to sell almost ten percent more PCs in the third quarter than a year ago, despite the lack of new products recently, over 7.6 million units were delivered. Asus and Acer complete the six largest companies in the field with a stalemate in fifth place and around six million PCs shipped each.

PC deliveries worldwide Q3/2020 to Q3/2021 (in million units) Company 3Q21 deliveries 3Q21 market share 3Q20 deliveries 3Q20 market share growth 3Q21/3Q20 1. Lenovo 19.773 22.8 % 19.176 23.0% + 3.1% 2nd HP 17.597 20.3% 18.69 22.4% – 5.8% 3rd Dell Technologies 15.183 17.5% 11.996 14.4% + 26.6% 4. Apple 7.645 8.8% 6.959 8.3% + 9.9% 5. Asus 6.028 7.0% 5.816 7.0% + 3.6% 5. Acer 5.982 6.9% 5.897 7.1% + 1.4% Others 14.443 16.7% 14.86 17.8% – 2.8% Total 86.652 100% 83.394 100% + 3.9%

Last IDC had already announced that the PC market will likely be the first to cool down. There should still be growth, but more like it was before the crisis.