Hanif Bali is running in the test election after all


Published October 11, 2021 at 11:33 AM

Domestic. After the sex accusations this week, Hanif Bali (M) stated that his will to run for parliament again was “non-existent”. But now, after all, he is running in the by-elections for the Moderates in Stockholm County.

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“In tomorrow's test selection, I stand as a candidate, but I must be transparent that my final decision to run again has not been made. Of course, the result of the test selection will be a variable but not the only one, my family's and my own will and strength must also be weighed in, “Hanif Bali wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

Bali was recently accused of inappropriate sexual behavior towards a minor girl. A criminal investigation was initiated but was quickly closed, and the Moderates also then closed their internal investigation into the alleged incident.

On October 1, Hanif Bali wrote on Facebook that his “willingness to run for parliament again” was “non-existent” “, but he promised to find” other channels of engagement “.