Gogoro brings its battery swap service for electric scooters to China


Gogoro , a Taiwanese company best known for its electric scooters and battery swap service , had more & ugrave; sometimes stressed that they have important expansion plans to land in other countries. In particular, he made it known that he wanted to also enter the Chinese market . The company & agrave; has just announced that it has taken this important step. However, he will not enter. in this complex and wide market alone.

Indeed, Gogoro will work; with two Chinese companies with which he already had; signed a collaboration agreement last May. It is Yadea , one of the most large manufacturers of electric scooters and DJC , another reality specialized in the production of scooters. These three companies will create a new company. call Huan Huan which will provide; the battery swap service first in Hangzhou (80 stations by the end of 2021) and then in other cities; of China starting in 2022.

The technology of the battery swap system is; obviously always the same used by Gogoro in Taiwan. Thus, we will have a station through which users will be able to extract a charged battery to insert in place of the discharged one of their vehicle. The discharged accumulator will take the place of the one just extracted and will be; then reloaded for use by other users. The entire battery exchange process takes place in a very short time (about a minute).

The battery swap service will be; usable with the models specially created by the two partners of Gogoro. Yadea already has; presented two new scooters compatible with the system of the Taiwanese company, while DCJ has created an electric scooter prototype with Gogoro batteries that will be; ready to go on sale in 2022.

China is pushing hard on the adoption of electric vehicles to reduce polluting emissions. Electric scooters, in particular, are considered perfect for mobility; in big cities & agrave; Chinese more and more; overburdened by cars. For Gogoro, therefore, comes the greedy opportunity & agrave; to expand its activities in a huge market that could also act as a test for the future landing in other countries. In this regard, it should be remembered that Gogoro also points to the Old Continent. To support its growth plans, the company & agrave; also has an important partnership with Foxconn.

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