6 benefits of an Apple Watch with 4G: why it's useful


Advantages Apple Watch 4G

Soon you will finally be able to buy and use the 4G Apple Watch in the Netherlands. The benefits of the 4G Apple Watch seem obvious, but there are also benefits that you might not expect. But there are certainly drawbacks to the Apple Watch Cellular. So it's time to take stock and provide insight into what you can do with a mobile data connection on your Apple Watch.

  • Accessibility
  • Sports
  • < li>Less distraction

  • Special occasions
  • Family configuration
  • More choice in design
  • Disadvantages

#1 You are always available
Are you forgetful and do you sometimes forget to take your iPhone with you when you go shopping or walk the dog? Then an Apple Watch with 4G might be something for you. Thanks to the 4G function, you are always available, even if you unexpectedly forget your iPhone. But it can also be useful to deliberately leave him at home, for example during the aforementioned walk with the dog. You can then stream music or podcasts via your Apple Watch, for example, without having to put your iPhone in your pocket. And if you receive a call or there is something important, you will always be informed immediately. Your WhatsApp notifications also come in, forwarded from your iPhone waiting for you at home.

#2 Your ideal sports buddy
Do you go to the gym or do you often go for a run? Then you may find it inconvenient to take your iPhone with you every time. For example, because you are afraid that you will leave him lying around somewhere or because it is clumsy while running. Or do you regularly go swimming, for example, where you have to put your iPhone in your locker? With the 4G Apple Watch you can keep track of all your sports activities and at the same time remain accessible or stream music while exercising. It seems to us a godsend, especially for running and swimming, because these are cases where you cannot or would rather not take your iPhone with you. Other sports activities where it is nice that you can still be reached without an iPhone are water sports, cycling or perhaps mountain climbing.

#3 Less distraction
When you're in company, it can sometimes seem a bit uninterested if you continuously pick up your iPhone to mindlessly scroll through Instagram or send messages in that not-so-important WhatsApp group. If you don't have your iPhone with you and only have your 4G Apple Watch on your wrist, you are much less likely to get distracted. You can simply do less on an Apple Watch, limiting you to only the really important stuff. In short: less attention to peripheral matters, more attention to your company. Perhaps you can also think of an occasion where this would come in handy.

#4 Special occasions
And speaking of occasions, there are plenty of situations where your iPhone is more clunky than an asset. Think, for example, of a night out, where there is a greater chance that it will be stolen or you will lose it somewhere. Or at a concert, although without your iPhone you have the disadvantage that you can't take pictures at all. On the other hand, by not worrying about the best photos or videos, you can enjoy the concert more instead of having to see how the concert is through your own photos and videos afterwards. again.

#5 An Apple Watch for your child
Apple also has the Family Setup feature. This allows you to set up an Apple Watch for a family member, such as your child. Do you think it is too early for your child to report an iPhone, but would you like him or her to keep in touch if something is wrong? Then this feature comes in handy. You then set up an Apple Watch via your own iPhone, but with your child's Apple ID. Thanks to the 4G connection, he or she can always call you or send you a message. But without the social media apps. In addition to children, this can also be useful for the elderly, who, for example, do not have an iPhone but would like to wear an Apple Watch for health reasons. With Fall Detection, 112 is automatically called, even if they go out and are unconscious on the floor. Please note that Family Configuration is not supported by all providers.

#6 More choice in design
Although this is not necessarily an advantage of the 4G function of the Apple Watch itself, we can rightly speak of an additional advantage here. The 4G models are available in more materials and colors. In addition to the aluminum version, the 4G Apple Watch is also available in stainless steel and titanium. Although you have always been able to get one of these models from abroad, the arrival of the 4G version in the Netherlands means you no longer have to bother with at least the stainless steel version. You are not obliged to use the 4G connection, but you can always enable it at a later time (provided your provider supports it). Finally, the stainless steel and titanium models feature a more scratch-resistant sapphire glass screen.

Disadvantages of an Apple Watch 4G

Now that we have listed the most important advantages of a 4G Apple Watch, we also want to walk you through some disadvantages. Because there are also a number of things that you should take into account, even if the benefits may sound like music to your ears.

  • Price
  • Battery life

    • Price
    • Battery life
    • Providers
    • Missing features

    #1 The 4G version is more expensive (and sometimes has additional costs)
    You pay a little more for the Apple Watch 4G. With the Apple Watch Series 7 you pay €100 extra for 4G with the aluminum version. The stainless steel versions are hundreds of euros more expensive anyway because of the material. Another thing to keep in mind is that you may have to pay extra from your provider to use the 4G feature. In Germany this is usually in the multiSIM function, which you pay for €5,- extra per month on top of your iPhone bundle. If all goes well, you don't have to pay anything extra, like in Belgium. at Telenet.

    #2 Shorter battery life when using 4G
    Although it's a disadvantage at first, it just depends on how you look at it. If you use the 4G connection of your Apple Watch a lot, you will notice that the Apple Watch drains faster. The chance that you will use it for more than a day without recharging is therefore a lot smaller. On the other hand, the battery of your iPhone lasts longer, because you use it less.

    #3 It doesn't work everywhere and with everyone
    The availability of the function depends on your provider. In the Netherlands, only two providers have currently committed, namely T-Mobile and KPN. Are you with smaller providers such as Simpel, Simyo or Ben? Then you are still fishing behind the net for the time being. For the time being, it is the somewhat more expensive providers that will support it.

    Unfortunately, you cannot use the 4G function of the Apple Watch everywhere. For example, there is no such option for use abroad. The Apple Watch does not support roaming, so if you travel outside the country, you will have to reach for your iPhone again.

    #4 You're missing a few features
    If you're used to doing everything on the go with your iPhone, it might take some getting used to just using an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity. on your wrist. Want to take a quick photo? Unfortunately. Looking for a nice restaurant nearby? It is possible with some apps, but it is not really ideal. Or how about looking up something quickly in the browser. You can ask Siri a number of questions, after which the assistant does a search on the web, but the result is not always satisfactory. So it can feel a bit awkward, although this may also take some getting used to.

    Do you have any questions about the 4G Apple Watch? In our FAQ about the Apple Watch 4G we answer frequently asked and practical questions about the arrival of the 4G version. If you have any advantages or disadvantages yourself, please let us know in the comments.