Karolinska will stop naming researchers – not everyone is PK


Published 10 October 2021 at 13.56

Domestic. In order to avoid being “associated” with politically incorrect elements in the lives of researchers and scientists, Karolinska Institutet, KI, is now expected to completely ban the naming of rooms, buildings and places after people.

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A year ago, KI removed a bust of researcher Anders Retzius, who has been in the field for 160 years. Retzius was for 30 years the rector of KI and a prominent scientist in anatomy.

“Retzius may have been liberal in his time, but he measured skulls and talked about 'races'. He probably lived in the delusion that it there are only two sexes. It would not be surprising if he was against gay adoptions as well “, states columnist Jo0han Hakelius in Expressen.

KI has now hired the” ethicist “Gert Helgesson who in a sub-report suggests that KI completely shall “refrain” from naming buildings, halls, roads and other things after “individual researchers or other persons”. The personal names that already exist must be removed.

According to Helgesson, personal names lead to “a number of difficult trade-offs” about what should be praised and whether those who have been lifted so far should be removed. Another question, “How to look at representation?” – that is, for example, how many Arab and Somali rocket scientists there are to highlight – is also unresolved.

Johan Hakelius thinks, however, that the ethics group that Helgesson has led has achieved something infantile and full-fledged idiotic during his long work with the new advice.

“It has taken the group a year to come to the kindergarten conclusion that no one should be allowed to be Lucia, if not everyone can be,” writes Hakelius.