The government does not want a census – should register cats instead


Published October 9, 2021 at 12:45 pm

Domestic. The governing parties voted down the Moderates 'and Sweden Democrats' proposal for a new census last year, as the issue of registering which people live in the country was not considered important enough. Now the government is introducing a law on mandatory registration of cats instead.

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In a legal advice referral, the government now proposes that all cats that “permanently reside in Sweden” should be covered by the same requirements as dogs.

– Cats are one of our most common pets. Unfortunately, there are also about 100,000 cats in Sweden who lack a home. To increase the protection of cats, we now want to make it easier for the authorities and the non-profit organizations that work with cats to separate owned cats from cats that do not have a home, says Minister of Trade and Industry Ibrahim Baylan.

The government proposes that the Swedish Board of Agriculture be given responsibility to keep records of cat owners. The Swedish Customs, the county administrative boards, the Police Authority and the municipal boards that perform tasks in the area of ​​environmental and health protection are also proposed to have direct access to the register.

The county administrative boards, which are responsible for animal welfare control, and registration must be followed and injunctions may be combined with a fine. This means that cat owners who do not mark or register their cat may be forced to pay a predetermined amount if the authority's decision on marking and registration is not complied with.