Subaru Forester, the new generation could adopt the Toyota hybrid


The Subaru Forester received a makeover in early September. However, the builder is already standing; working on the next generation of this SUV. According to the Japanese press, the new model will be able to rely on hybrid technology developed by Toyota . Recall that the two car manufacturers have been collaborating for some time on different projects. For example, Subaru's first electric, the Solterra, will be; closely related to the future battery-powered model from Toyota.


However, you shouldn't think about the new generation of the Forester like a RAV4 with a different logo . In fact, according to the report, the new model will pogger & agrave; on a revised version of the Subaru Global Platform which is; currently at the base of the entire range of the manufacturer. Thanks to the collaboration with Toyota, the new SUV will be able to rely on a hybrid powertrain.

In particular, it seems that it will be; of an Atkinson cycle endothermic engine combined with two units & agrave; electric. Is not serious; clear if there will be & agrave; a powertrain Full Hybrid or Plug-in even if we talk more & ugrave; of this second option. Thanks to the hybrid system, the future model will be able to offer lower consumption and polluting emissions than the current generation. Today's SUV, on the other hand, features mild hybrid technology. The new Forester, however, will continue; to always offer all-wheel drive that & egrave; a typical Subaru hallmark. Given the tradition of the brand, you will probably opt for it. for a classic system and not on electric all-wheel drive.

In Europe, the SUV & egrave; marketed with a 2-liter 4-cylinder e-boxer capable of delivering 150 hp (110 kW) and 194 Nm of torque. In the United States, however, & egrave; available a pi & ugrave; powerful 2.5-liter boxer with 184 hp (135 kW). Thanks to the plug-in powertrain derived from Toyota, the vehicle will be able to; have more power and therefore also superior performance.

Like all reports, this too must be taken with due caution, but undoubtedly for Subaru, the use of Toyota's hybrid technology could bring great benefits. Surely there will be; time to understand the plans of the Japanese brand for its Forester as the debut of the new model would be expected for 2023 .

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