Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, the car pi? expensive in the world debuts at Villa d? Este


The biggest car expensive in the world? The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail , an exclusive car made in only 3 specimens whose cost (estimated) is; of 20 million pounds which at the current exchange rate are slightly more; of 23 million euros. Is not serious; a novelty; absolute given that this jewel on 4 wheels had been unveiled by the English brand in May 2021. But after the virtual presentation, this luxurious model is & egrave; finally made to see for real during the Concorso d & rsquo; Eleganza of Villa d & rsquo; Este that you & egrave; held last weekend.

Torsten M & uuml; ller- & Ouml; tv & ouml; s , CEO of Rolls-Royce, took care of presenting the car in all its beauty . To show this jewel, the exclusive location of Villa d & # 39; Este could only be chosen.

& Egrave; a wonderful privilege to reveal this unique Rolls-Royce in the world for the first time. Although the images have been widely shared, the car itself is not; been shown in public before. The Concours d'Elegance of Villa d & # 39; Este & egrave; the perfect opportunity, on the glamorous shores of Lake Como, because brings together leading international media, motoring experts and luxury enthusiasts. There is also a nice symmetry as we launched the Sweptail, at the 2017 event.


The name of this model is not; the first time Rolls-Royce uses it, & egrave; a reference to the design of the rear of the car inspired by the shapes of the hulls of luxury yachts . And since when you go to the sea & egrave; nice to be able to eat outdoors, here is that in the double rear compartment & egrave; present a luxury picnic kit with silver cutlery and porcelain plates . We also find a refrigerated compartment to keep the best bottles of sparkling wine cool. And not to & quot; burn & quot; in the sun, in the tail of the car & egrave; also housed an umbrella.

In short, all details that make it clear what the level of exclusivity is; of the Boat Tail. To make this model, Rolls-Royce built 1,813 completely new parts. The vehicle rests on the Architecture of Luxury platform and features the Phantom's 6.75-liter twin-turbo 571 hp (420 kW) V12.

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