Samsung could produce Tesla's new autonomous driving chip


According to a report from Korea, Samsung is expected to produce the new autonomous driving chip (HW 4.0) that Tesla designed and that will be; present on its future electric cars. The tech giant would be sure to beat TSMC to win the contract with the US battery car maker.

Tesla and Samsung have been working on the design and samples of the chip since the beginning of this year. Recently, Tesla decided to outsource the production of the HW 4.0 autonomous driving chip to Samsung. & Egrave; practically a done deal.

The report adds that the chips will be built at the Hwasung plant in Korea, using a 7nm manufacturing process . The plant would reportedly be able to handle high-volume production of the chip to meet Tesla's demand. If the relationship is; correct, the construction will start not before the fourth quarter of 2021.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung & egrave; already Tesla partner . For the American manufacturer, the Korean company produces the current chips dedicated to functionality; assisted driving. However, there had been rumors in the past that the automaker might choose TSMC as a new partner. Apparently, factors such as production costs, possibility; long-term cooperation and availability; of Samsung technology in chip design.

While Elon Musk is still confident he can introduce autonomous driving on cars equipped with the current 3.0 hardware platform, the 4.0 will bring; undoubted advantages. Greater computing power will allow & agrave; to the car to be able to handle many more; data, which will allow; to have functionality; more driving assistance; effective and safe.

When will it be possible? arrive the new computer that will manage; Tesla's Autopilot? There is no an exact date. However, during Tesla AI Day, Elon Musk had hinted that he could debut inside the Cybertruck which, as we know, will arrive; on the market, if there are no further delays, towards the end of 2022. Surely, in the next few months we will know about it; much more.

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