The disbanded regiment K4 resurrects today


Published 24 September 2021 at 15.46

Domestic. Norrlands Dragonregemente K4 in Arvidsjaur will be inaugurated again on Friday, after having been a disbanded regiment since 2004.

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On Friday, the first of five new regiments in Sweden will be inaugurated, in the form of the new K4 in Arvidsjaur.

The regiment will train 250 new fighter soldiers per year instead of 150 as they did for the past 16 years, when the facility belonged to the Army's Hunter Battalion and was a detachment under Norrbotten's regiment I19. – There is a need to produce military units that can operate in the subarctic zone, says the newly appointed Chief of Staff Morgan Gustafsson to Swedish Radio P4.

In total, the Armed Forces will grow from training 4,000 to 8,000 conscripts per year, until 2025.

– These will be distributed between the country's various units, so it is reasonable to believe that we will also grow, the hunter battalion commander Fredrik Andersson has previously said about the activities in Arvidsjaur.