Swedish doctors: “Against established science” to vaccinate 12-year-olds against covid-19


Published 25 September 2021 at 17.24

Domestic. The Swedish Public Health Agency's decision to inject 12-year-olds with a vaccine against covid-19 is contrary to established science and could lead to a repeat of the disaster with Anders Tegnell's mass vaccination of children against swine flu in 2009, warns 24 specialists in Läkartidningen.

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By 20 September 2021, 76,295 adverse reaction reports had been received regarding the corona vaccines, of which 6,017 have so far been judged to be serious. Nevertheless, the Swedish Public Health Agency wants to mass vaccinate children with the experimental vaccines, down to the age of twelve.

Unscientifically and contrary to proven experience, the 24 doctors claim.

“Under no circumstances should we repeat the tragedies that can be linked to vaccines in recent decades. Pandemrix against swine flu caused narcolepsy in at least 350 Swedish children. Dengvaxia, a vaccine against dengue fever, was introduced like the covid-19 vaccines before the trials ended. 19 children died before the vaccinations were stopped “, they write in their debate article.

They also point out that a completed infection gives an immunity that is significantly better and lasts longer than vaccination. As many children already have immunity and children belonging to risk groups have already been offered vaccines, the vaccination appears to be unnecessary for the children. Doctors write:

“There is a big difference between vaccinating a 70-year-old and a 12-year-old, whose immunological and neurological systems are still developing. This makes children potentially more vulnerable and susceptible to side effects than All known and unknown risks must be weighed against the benefits of vaccination, and for us it is incomprehensible that one could end up advocating mass vaccination against covid-19 in healthy children. children, there must be no doubt as to whether the benefits outweigh the risks “.