Tim Cook in leaked memo: 'Increased hunt for rumor sweets'


Tim Cook: Rumored goodies don't belong here

Tim Cook's “double down on secrecy” has been many years ago. Meanwhile, the issue of leaked rumors is still unresolved. Especially in recent years, important details of the new iPhones have been leaked out early. At a company-wide meeting, Tim Cook promised staff that the hunt for rumored sweets will now really ramp up. He also subsequently wrote a memo, which has now been leaked.

This has already been noticeable in recent months: some rumors about products that would be introduced turned out to be incorrect and features also did not match. Most notable was the rumor about the Apple Watch with flat sides, although that could also be a matter of a sudden change of course from Apple. In addition, some rumor-mongers have received a threatening letter from Apple's lawyers in recent months, causing some anonymous (Twitter) accounts to suddenly go offline.

In any case, Apple is going to step up its efforts and want to chase the internal and external people who leak rumors. A memo about it was sent on Tuesday evening and leaked to the Verge on Wednesday. Apple is doing “everything in our power to identify” who bring out rumors from Apple. “People who leak confidential information don't belong here,” Cook reports. He also learns that employees are extremely frustrated when the contents of an internal meeting leak out to reporters.

But it also concerns leaked products: “This comes after a product launch in which most of the details of our announcements were also leaked to the press.” It would be a fairly small group. It's not the first time Cook has warned about leaked secrets. At the same time, the impression sometimes arises that Apple deliberately releases certain information, whether or not to mislead people or to ensure that the net closes around the rumored rumours.

Could the following manage to keep the details about the iPhone 14 indoors? We are curious. The last time Cook sent such a letter, it was also leaked.