One died when home care failed to deliver food for 21 days


Published September 23, 2021 at 1:21 pm

Domestic. Mats Fransson, 60, was found dead in his apartment in Gällivare after the municipality failed to deliver food for 21 days. According to SVT Norrbotten, the man may have died as a result of pneumonia, starvation and dehydration.

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– I have to be told what happened, I do not want to judge anyone, but it must not happen more times. Somewhere you have to find what went wrong, says brother Tord Fransson, 75.

The death sentence came as a shock to the brother, who did not know that his 15 year younger brother was in need of food supplies and had severe pneumonia. .

According to a lex Sarah report drawn up by the municipality's social administration, the food packages were missing because the municipality happened to send important papers about the case to the wrong unit.