Microsoft Store: Win32 applications such as Discord for Windows 11


Under Windows 11, the redesigned Microsoft Store is filled with Win32 applications such as the Discord online service for voice chats. The preview of the in-house app store, which will later also have Android apps on offer, is provided by the latest version 1.0.9002, as Deskmodder was the first to report.

Win32 and built-in via the store

The fact that the operating system is supplied with more and more Win32 applications via the Microsoft Store, makes the new Windows 11 interesting for users of Microsoft's package management, the Windows Package Manager with the client “winget”. As the website further reports, the main focus should first be on the built-in apps. Next, a merged OneNote and a revised Paint are expected.

Android apps are still a long time coming

According to the rumors, a first preview of the app store for Android apps from Amazon, which will later be integrated in the Microsoft Store, could already show on the horizon in the Dev Channel addressed to developers, via which Build 22458 is currently being distributed .

Starting shot in stages from October 5th

Windows 11 starts on October 5th on new PCs and will gradually be rolled out as a free upgrade on the systems that are currently still running Windows 10 or a current Windows 11 Insider Preview and which meet the system requirements that have recently been improved.