Guillou: “Throw out” the cultural Marxists from the Left Party


Published September 23, 2021 at 11:29

Domestic. The author and socialist Jan Guillou has an appeal to the Left Party: Throw out the “identity idiots”.

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Jan Guillou, who is considered one of Sweden's most famous socialists, claims that the Left Party will never be able to compete seriously with the Social Democrats if they do not settle with identity politics.

– If I had been in the Left Party, I would have said we must throw out all those who run around in our party and talk about skin color, he says in an interview with SVT's “Politikbyrån”.

Jan Guillou believes that it was unfortunate that the Left Party got caught up in identity politics, also known as cultural Marxism, when they finally got rid of communism more than 20 years ago.

– The Left Party will never be able to become the great Social Democratic party because they are simply too ridiculous, he says and develops the reasoning:

– You have to throw all those who run around and talk about skin color out of our party.

Even SVT's political commentator Elisabeth Marmorstein is in the same line in an analysis.

“The Riksdag's most refugee-friendly party is not an alternative for those workers' voters who see a tighter immigration policy as the most important issue”, she writes in the analysis and continues: p>

“Another obstacle is identity politics. Anti-racism, LGBTQ issue or feminism is hardly what LO men in the mill put at the top of the agenda. “