Eight times more patients with a vaccine than without


Published September 23, 2021 at 15:54

Domestic. In Stockholm County, the number of patients with covid-19 is eight times higher today than at the same time last year – despite the fact that a majority of the inhabitants are vaccinated, reports SVT.

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In Stockholm County, the number of confirmed new cases was 2,189 in week 36. In the same week last year, the figure was 253 – eight times less.

In Skåne, the cases were five times more and in Dalarna and Östergötland more than four times more.

Even those who suffer from a serious illness are more than before the vaccine was released on the market, despite the fact that many old and fragile people have already died.

The average age among those intensive care for covid-19 is lower now than during the pandemic in general.

On 20 September this year, 62 people were treated for covid-19 at the hospitals in Västra Götaland, seven of these at IVA. At the same time last year, 41 were cared for, four of them at IVA.