Minister on why crime has grown: “Did not want to be seen as racist”


Published 22 September 2021 at 08.32

Domestic. The election year is approaching and now both S and SSU are for harsher punishments again. At the same time, Interior Minister Mikael Damberg explains why he and his S colleagues have avoided the issue during the eight years they have already been in power.
– They did not want to be seen as racist, he tells Aftonbladet.

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This weekend, the new SSU leader Lisa Nåbo, herself a police aspirant, called for harsher punishments and tougher immigration policy in a DN interview. She describes the issues as a high priority for the youth union.

Now, however, the Social Democrats plan to change course, according to Mikael Damberg.

– It is incredibly provocative that people who have never earned an honest krona and never paid taxes can still drive around in expensive cars and have gold chains around their necks. These people become role models in areas, this is how you make a career, he tells the newspaper today.

He also explains the Social Democrats' reluctance to acknowledge the problem so far that politicians have simply given priority to letting go of the racist stamp. <./p>

– There was an anxiety before to describe some problems, they did not want to be seen as racist and so on, he says to Aftonbladet.

Mikael Damberg admits that it is an ideological change that the party has done. Crime affects the poor the worst, it is now called, and the issue of harsher punishment is therefore now “uncontroversial” within the Social Democrats, the minister claims.

In concrete terms, the party so far only proposes that gang criminals should be evicted from tenancies./p>

– It is not a human right to terrorize one's neighbors, says Damberg to Aftonbladet.