Alfa Romeo, on future models less screens: will they aim? on driving pleasure


Modern cars are more and more; stuffed with technology . Without bothering 100 thousand euro premium models such as the EQS, inside the passenger compartment we find screens more and more; large able to offer access to digital services of all kinds. The problem is; that today, we tend more & ugrave; talking about the innovation that new technologies bring to the inside of cars and about the driving experience. Apparently, the future Alfa Romeo models will be & quot; different & quot ;, in the sense that the brand will focus much more; on the driving experience, putting as few screens as possible inside the cars.

To report it, the CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato who explained well its position with a very clear statement.

I don't sell an iPad with a car around, I sell an Alfa Romeo.

In short, for the future, cars will be “driver-centered” and they will have to convey emotions, despite the absence of noise from the combustion engine. After all, like all car manufacturers, Alfa Romeo is also preparing to offer battery-powered cars. Already in this regard, we know that from 2027 it will be; an electric-only brand, although not in all markets.

The good news is; that the manufacturer intends to work to ensure that its cars continue to offer those characteristics that have made it famous over time, even when the engines' no longer do & ugrave; noise & quot ;. All this, without filling the cockpit with screens. When will we see the first approach of this philosophy? Maybe already with the launch of the Tonale, whose debut & egrave; has been postponed, as we know, to allow us to improve the performance of the PHEV model.

Surely, this new approach we will see when it arrives & agrave; the Brenner which will be & agrave; also marketed in a 100% electric version in a few years.

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