Mercedes AMG, an electric roadster may come in the future


In the future there may be an electric Mercedes AMG roadster . We know that the German manufacturer has an ambitious plan linked to the electrification of its range of cars. As for AMG strictly, at the 2021 Munich Motor Show we were able to admire its first electric and already; & egrave; It has been announced that more high-performance battery-powered models will arrive in the future. In an interview with Top Gear, Mercedes chief operating officer, Markus Sch & auml; fer , hinted that the German brand is considering a possible AMG electric roadster./p>

When it comes to electric, we often get lost in talking only about autonomy and charging and not about the driving experience that can be; make & quot; exciting & quot; a car. This is very important for all AMG models. In the interview, however, the manager stressed how difficult it is to make an 'uncovered' model. electricity due to various issues including falling demand.

China is not; a market for convertibles and there are fewer buyers in Europe than a few years ago.

In addition to this, Markus Sch & auml; fer highlighted how complex it is to make a beautiful electric roadster. 39; aspect. Among the problems, the additional weight that could penalize autonomy and driving dynamics.

We have to design an electric vehicle in the form of a roadster. When we think of Mercedes-AMG and transforming AMG into an electric brand, we certainly also think of a convertible.

However, despite the declining market and difficulties; technical, the manager thinks that a battery-powered roadster can be a very attractive and emotional product. Such an AMG-branded model could actually be very interesting. However, Mercedes' chief operating officer did not clarify what forms this car could take . The German manufacturer could aim to create a supercar capable of rivaling the Tesla Roadster, or a luxury vehicle, or a small sports car.

All that remains is to wait, to understand if in the future Mercedes AMG plans there will be; really an electric roadster too.

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