Marine Le Pen is challenged from the right


Published 19 September 2021 at 16.59

Abroad. Media celebrity Éric Zemmour is considering running in the French presidential election and will do so on a more straightforward right-wing line than Marine Le Pen and her increasingly fearful National Assembly.

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Éric Zemmour is known as a right-wing debater and immigration-critical polemicist in the media, not least through his harsh words about Arabs and Africans, whom he was once convicted of having “incited” against.

< p>At the time, Zemmour defended employers' obvious “right to deny blacks and Arabs jobs.” He also noted that the majority of all drug dealers are “blacks or Arabs,” which resulted in a conviction.

unusual in France, not least because he claims that there is a change of population in the country and that white French are being replaced by Arabs.Although it is a factually correct fact & shy; finding, it is considered controversial in France – even in the National Assembly.

Éric Zemmour has also been charged with Holocaust denial after saying that the Pétain regime, the German puppet government during World War II, “saved the Jews of France”. However, he was acquitted of that statement for 2019.

It is unclear whether there will really be a candidacy in the presidential election, but it is clear that Zemmour will from now on be counted as a politician on television, and not as a journalist. The French media authority has decided this, since he refused to rule out a candidacy in the presidential election.

In addition to his controversial statements on television, he is known as a writer, where he wrote debate books with an immigration-critical line. He has published the best-selling book “Le suicide français” – The French suicide, which is about the population change in France. gets a rival who fights for the same voter. According to Éric Zemmour, however, Marine Le Pen herself is aware that she “cannot win the election”, which is probably correct to judge from opinion polls and previous election failures.