Toyota GR Yaris, a version pi? extreme


With the GR Yaris, Toyota has created a small sports car that has broken the hearts of fans. A model that & egrave; so much liked that it gave life, in Italy, to a single-brand rally. In the past, Luigi had the chance; to try it but apparently, the Japanese brand is working on an even more version; extreme . Is not serious; the first time that this car is intercepted on the Nurburgring track, a perfect place to fine-tune the engine and set-up of all sports cars.


The interesting aspect of the latest spy photos is that Toyota seems not to have bothered to add some camouflage to the car. In this way & egrave; It is possible to observe all the details well. In particular, a & # 39; revised aerodynamics stand outwith a large rear wing, new air intakes next to the front wheel arches and additional fins on the sides of the bumper. These are changes that suggest a & # 39; car more devoted to the track than to rallies such as the 'canonical' GR Yaris. Many of the new aerodynamic appendages are black and this could suggest that they are made of carbon fiber .

From the spy photos you can see, behind, a strange instrumentation that probably serves to collect some data on driving. Toyota has not released any details on future variants of the GR Yaris but given the popularity; obtained from this model could offer some surprises in the future.

The current engine of the small sports car delivers 192 kW/261 hp and 360 & # 8203; & # 8203; Nm of torque . The traction & egrave; whole wheat. It would not be strange that the Japanese manufacturer, for this version more & ugrave; extreme of the GR Yaris, may have made some changes to the engine to make it more & ugrave; powerful and evil. From this point of view, however, there are no particular precise indications.

If Toyota really plans to launch this car on the market, the debut could be near. The absence of camouflage suggests that the car may be ready. The presentation, therefore, could take place by the end of the year with the marketing that could start at the beginning of 2022. All that remains is to wait for further news on this car.

[Spy photos: Car Scoops]


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