Renault Trucks is expanding its range of electric vehicles


More and more are coming to the market. electric trucks . Several car manufacturers are launching new models that can meet the different needs of customers who ask for battery-powered vehicles that can operate in urban centers of cities. And precisely to satisfy the great diversity; of the activities distribution of its customers who choose electric, Renault Trucks has decided to expand its offer by adding to the Renault Trucks D Z.E. and D Wide Z.E. from 16 and 26 tons the D Wide Z.E. 19 tons .


Renault Trucks has also developed a new system to increase the energy efficiency of 100% electric vehicles with isothermal equipment. The Renault Trucks D and D Wide Z.E. 16, 19 and 26 tons can currently be fitted with the fridge-connection option, which allows you to supply the energy needed by the refrigeration system directly from the vehicle's 600 V traction batteries.

In addition, Renault Trucks has also expanded availability; steps for the D and D Wide Z.E. from 3,900 mm to 6,800 mm to cover more; applications and needs by optimizing, in particular, the load distribution. Speaking of technical specifications, Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. & egrave; available in multiple step lengths. The powertrain & egrave; consisting of two electric motors with a total power of 370 kW (continuous power 260 kW) with a torque of 850 Nm.

Available 200 kWh and 265 kWh for an autonomy from 100 to 180 km depending on the configuration and use. Renault Trucks D Z.E., on the other hand, & egrave; proposed with two step configurations and can & ograve; count on a 185 kW engine (continuous power 130 kW) with a torque of 425 Nm. powered by batteries from 200 to 256 kWh. Autonomy can get up to 400 km .

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