Polestar accelerates the development of the Precept to bring it into production before 2025


Polestar's research and development center in the UK continues to grow and will be able to grow in the future. count on over 500 people. The main focus, right now, is to accelerate development of the production version of the Polestar Precept concept car to bring it to market before 2025. This center is located at MIRA Technology Park, a world-class automotive testing and development site in heart of the UK's Motorsport Valley. A structure that can & ograve; also count on the presence of tracks for testing the cars.

Polestar also shared a photo of a prototype under construction of the Precept that it is working on. From the image you can & ograve; understand that the lines should not differ too much from those of the concept car. Obviously, there will be; time to learn more since the launch & egrave; expected only in several years.

Initially, the Precept was to remain only a concept but given the appreciation received, the manufacturer decided to take it to the road and transform it into a production model. From a technical point of view, nothing specific is known. The brand had not shared any information. However, you can & ograve; think that the production model could be proposed in more & ugrave; variants with one or two electric motors.

The car manufacturer had emphasized, however, the characteristics of sustainability; of the car . For example, a linen-based composite material was used instead of plastic. The seat covers, on the other hand, were made with a yarn completely obtained from recycled PET bottles. It is possible that even the production model is characterized by these solutions. The production will take place; in a new factory that will be made in China.

Before the launch of the production version of the Precept, in 2022 it will debut & agrave; the Polestar 3, an electric SUV that will be; built in America.

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