Hyundai IONIQ 6, new images of the electric sedan: will it arrive? in 2022


Hyundai has an ambitious electrification strategy and will launch in the coming years several new electric models. Some of these will rely on the E-GMP platform on which it is; born the IONIQ 5 that we had the opportunity to try and that took us to the Munich Motor Show 2021. Towards the end of 2022, the porter & agrave; IONIQ 6 debuts , a battery-powered sedan whose design will be; inspired by that of the Prophecy concept car presented last year.

Hyundai thinks of small electric cars on the E-GMP 6 platform

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This model is precisely this model; been intercepted on German roads during some tests. The new spy photos show a vehicle obviously still camouflaged but & egrave; However, it is possible to evaluate some initial aspects of the design, above all by making a comparison with that of the concept car.


The pictures show a car with more design. traditional . Not surprising, however, since the concepts always have extreme lines. The front appears more short. In addition, there are conventional side mirrors and not the digital ones of the concept car (nevertheless seen in the past on some prototypes). The alloy wheels appear to be of a larger size; small and are characterized by having an aerodynamic design. The model in the spy photos also appears to have traditional door handles and a less extreme roofline, probably to maximize headroom for passengers sitting in the back.

The back is particularly camouflaged, however, you can see the optical groups and a small spoiler. The new images do not show the interior. In any case, you will have to do it; wait for the presence of as much technology as on the IONIQ 5s where there are large displays for instrumentation and infotainment .

As for engines there should be no particular surprises. The IONIQ 6 should offer the same powertrains as the IONIQ 5. So, it will be; offered both with a single 160 kW electric motor and with two units & agrave; from 225 kW overall. Since Hyundai is pursuing the development of the IONIQ 5 N it is not; it should be excluded a priori that at a later time the IONIQ 6 could also be marketed in a sports variant.

All that remains is to wait for further information on the development of this electric sedan.

[Photos spy: Car Scoops]


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