Lamborghini unveils the possible restoration of the Countach on Twitter. Or will it be? Miura?


The love of Lamborghini for one of his most important creations; belle seems to be burning strong again. After presenting to the world the new Countach LPI 800-4, a hybrid supercar (whose sales have already been sold out) with a V12 engine and based on the Aventador, here is the house of Sant & # 39; Agata Bolognese is thinking of a revival of the Countach in a more ugrave form; & quot; traditional & quot ;.

According to a significant video teaser published on Twitter it seems that Lamborghini is working hard on a complete restoration project of the original and very first prototype of the Countach LP500 .

The & quot; concept & quot; in question & egrave; was presented to the public for the first time during the Geneva Motor Show dated 1971, later the same & egrave; it was used by test drivers during the first road tests to anticipate series production but in one of them had a serious accident. Under the hood was the 3.9-liter V12 engine , an ancestor very similar to the heart which then pulsed; inside the stock Countach, which made its official debut in 1974.

The teaser video shows glimpses of a kind of restoration to the interior of a car that looks vintage, with particular attention to the upholstery and the steering wheel, with the hint of a tachometer analogue with pointer. The teaser ends with the roar of the Lamborghini engine and with the inscription “50 years ago, it paved the way to the future and is now back on the road”.

The rumors on the web are already; in turmoil and not everyone assumes that the revival will have; Lamborghini Countach is the protagonist. Maybe we could be caught off guard and see the presentation or the & quot; makeover & quot; of a new Miura ? We just have to wait for new information on this new Lamborghini restoration project to be revealed.

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