Hanif Bali: I'm innocent – it's all a conspiracy


Published 15 September 2021 at 13.07

Domestic. Member of Parliament Hanif Bali (M), who is accused of sexually inappropriate behavior towards a teenage girl, now goes out himself and denies the accusations.
“This has been the worst I have been subjected to”, he writes on Facebook.

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The accusations against Hanif Bali

  • Hanif Bali accused of pressuring girl for sex and nudity

Since Thursday, no sound from Hanif Bali has been heard on social media. The net. Contact with the girl is said to have begun when the girl was 15 years old and Bali is said to have offered to help her with homework.

The moderates are investigating the matter internally.

After the Free Times article was published, Hanif broke up Bali silence. He defends himself in a longer post on Facebook.

“I want to say first of all that I reject the allegations made against me about inappropriate behavior towards a younger party/MUF member. Many have over the years thought that I am a controversial person with persecution, vandalism and death threats as a result. But this has been the worst I have been exposed to “, he writes.

Bali continues:

“I urge the person who is making these accusations against me to make a police report so that I have the opportunity to clean up. I have plenty of evidence that I am innocent of what I have been accused of and that this is rather a conspiracy of dissidents there. a young person was allowed to act as a pawn in the game. “

He claims that it was the girl who was” very intensely seeking contact “and” wanted another relationship “.

“When the allegations became more explicit, however, I made it clear that anything other than a friendly relationship where I acted as a mentor could not be relevant. I have in no way asked for any inappropriate pictures or done anything else inappropriate. The person's contacts ceased at a time when I kindly but firmly stated that she can not continue to hear from me as I am significantly older than her, have a girlfriend and am not interested in anything else. “

In December 2020, according to Hanif Bali,” dissidents on the internet started harassing me with the lies and slanderous accusations circulating in the media against me “and he” sees that these posts are liked by the person in question “.

” Several days before the accusations are leveled against me in the party, these hostile accounts begin hint and 'count down' to the day when they planned to take this to the party. I have documented this – so they knew long before which day the accusations would be directed. the art's internal nomination process begins. The allegations now being made against me will probably affect my chances of running for another term. This despite the fact that I am innocent of what is alleged. “

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