Farmers and hunters demand: Reduce the wolf population sharply


Published 15 September 2021 at 20.22

Domestic. The Swedish Farmers 'Association (LRF) is now merging with the Swedish Hunters' Association and demands a strong decimation of the Swedish wolf population. They are now putting joint pressure on county administrative boards, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and politicians to decide on an extended wolf hunt this winter.

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– The rapidly growing wolf population is an unsustainable situation for domestic animal owners, hunters and many others affected in rural areas. The authorities must act, says Palle Borgström, chairman of LRF, in a press release.

For a few weeks now, the Swedish Hunters' Association has been conducting an information campaign with the goal of reducing the wolf population in size.

It is pointed out that Sweden may lose self-determination over wolf management if the tribe grows too large. Courts have ruled that a member state of the EU must not make excessive withdrawals in the population for a strictly protected species.

– Only the fact that the population has been allowed to grow means that we risk getting caught with significantly more wolves than the lowest level that the Riksdag decided in 2013, says Peter Eriksson, chairman of the Swedish Hunters' Association.

The wolf population is currently estimated at around 395 individuals, compared with the Riksdag's decision on a minimum level of 170-270 Swedish wolves. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has later changed the minimum level to 300 animals.