Ecobonus auto, the funds have ended: stop to incentives for electric and plug-ins


The approximately 57 million hijacked by the Extrabonus to relaunch the Ecobonus again are finished in a matter of days. At this point, with the bottom that & egrave; sold out, the incentives for electric and plug-in cars can no longer be used. be required. The reason for the exhaustion of economic resources in a very short time can be; probably explain with the many orders that had been accumulated by the dealerships in the period in which the Ecobonus had been & quot; paused & quot; before the Government decided to reallocate Extrabonus funds.

Once it is the opportunity was given again; to be able to book contributions, the concessionaires must have & quot; invaded & quot; the booking platform, quickly draining the available resources. The fact, however, is; that the incentives for electricity and plug-ins have ended. This means that the market for these cars could suffer a sharp slowdown . The Ecobonus was essential to support the sales of these cars given their high costs. All this happens at a time when the car market is in great difficulty.


The premature exhaustion of the Ecobonus shows that people and companies are interested in these categories of vehicles . It could also be seen in the monthly sales figures with the shares of the BEV and PHEV models growing. That the funds could run out early was a scenario, however, that the trade associations already had; feared, so much so that they had asked the Government for a long-term project to structure incentives , setting aside defined & quot; stop and go & quot; measures; which require continuous interventions. Therefore, always have certainty about the resources available for incentives that can allow to accelerate the transition towards mobility; more clean.

Now the ball goes to the Government. It will be interesting to understand how to move and if you will work to somehow refinance the Ecobonus for electric and Plug-ins or if you have to; wait for the next Budget Law . Nothing changes, however, for the bonuses dedicated to cars in the 61-135 g/km of CO2 range. There are still around 100 million euros available for these cars.

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