The criticism that Chang Frick was allowed to be on SVT


Published 15 September 2021 at 08.24

Media. Anne Ramberg, Annika Strandhäll and other left-wing profiles are furious that SVT let Nyheter Idag founder Chang Frick participate in a program.

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In a new episode of SVT's program “The Meeting”, Chang Frick and the troll hunter Frida Boisen meet.

In the program, Chang Frick directed harsh criticism at the Swedish journalist corps and how it treats people with opinions that the establishment does not like.

– They should get the shit they expose others to. Journalists who behave like pigs should get the same poop caramel that they expose others to and make a career at, and want to be great. Yes, they should have it mulched right up in their nostrils. That's justice, Frick said, waving his fist.

The episode got a lot of attention on social media. Some question that Chang Fick was given a platform by SVT.

Anne Ramberg, former secretary general of the Swedish Bar Association, writes like this on Twitter:

“What kind of pathetic conversation is SVT 1? broadcasts in the program The Meeting? Leasing time on TV for an aggressive man from a useless news site is difficult to understand. Public service should manage the task with greater integrity. Not all trolls need to be allowed to speak. “

She is supported by S-top Annika Strandhäll.

“As for Chang Frick, I was actually amazed that they gave him this space. Do you have no idea who he is?!?” she writes.

“Somewhere you should still have the courage to draw a line, Strandhäll continues.

The posts from Anne Ramberg and Annika Strandhäll have given rise to an intense discussion on the social the media site.