SVT hangs out climate skeptics


Published 15 September 2021 at 06.55

Media. State SVT sounded the alarm in Tuesday's “Aktuellt” about Swedish so-called climate skeptics who do not believe in the media's theories and spread “disinformation” about the climate. Several people were highlighted with names and pictures.

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– They use failed articles and misinterpreted statistics, all to cast doubt on the climate scientists' warnings, explained Aktuellt's host Cecilia Gralde.

The program's over 15 minutes long feature is then used “the extreme weather of the summer” – for example a downpour in Gävle – as proof that the climate theories are true.

Then the state TV giant mentions several Swedish climate skeptics by name and posts big pictures of them.

– The right-wing populist digital Swebbtv, which was shut down on Youtube in December due to its hate rhetoric, has engineer Lars Bern as climate expert, says the speaker.

Lars Bern himself declined to participate in the SVT report.

SVT also hangs out the engineer Elsa Widding, who criticizes the climate alarms on Youtube. Her response to SVT “shows that she does not accept the established climate research”, warns SVT.

The tax-financed television company has after its extensive review managed to find a false statement in Elsa Widding's many Youtube videos. Widding herself admits that the statement turned out to be incorrect and has removed the current clip from Youtube.

Widding also announces that she has been “strongly advised” not to participate in SVT and therefore does not participate in the report herself.

Another climate skeptic who appears in Aktuellt is the moderate Member of Parliament Jan Ericson.

In the feature, SVT's “climate correspondent” Erika Bjerström also addresses various arguments that the climate skeptics come up with and dismiss them through to refer to “research”. In conclusion, it is suggested that it is the “oil companies” that are behind the fact that there are people who are critical of climate theories.