Opel Rocks E-xtreme: the extreme version for off-road


The Opel Rocks-e & egrave; the twin of the electric micro-car born from the offshoot of the Citro & euml; n Ami, which arrived in Italy at the beginning of 2021. A small light quadricycle that can be driven from the age of 14 with an AM license and is ideal for getting around the city jungle. In addition to conquering the streets of the metropolis, the design student Lukas Wenzh & ouml; fer well thought that the little Rocks-e could also conquer the more off-road; pure if it served some specific modifications. Here then is that & egrave; born the concept Opel Rocks E-xtreme .

The & quot; concept & quot; created maintains the original bodywork but sees the addition of specific springs and suspensions to conquer any rough terrain. The tires are technical and knobby while the mudguards have had a nice injection of testosterone, resulting now decidedly more; wide, without being able to cover the off-road wheels in the best possible way.

If the normal Rock-e from Opel has a small 8 HP electric motor and a 5.5 kWh battery pack, we can only imagine a much more engine; powerful for the E-xtreme , with a large battery to cope with steep climbs and dizzying ups and downs. Weight? No more 500 kg.

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