Hanif Bali reported to the police


Published 15 September 2021 at 17.46

Domestic. Member of Parliament Hanif Bali (M) has reported to the police after the accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior, reports Svenska Dagbladet.

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The police report against Hanif Bali was received by the Special Prosecutor's Chamber on Wednesday, according to SvD.

crime classification.

Hanif Bali is being investigated internally by the Moderates after a teenage girl in the youth union Muf accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Bali claimed that the accusations were fabricated and he also welcomed a possible judicial review of the case.

“We do not live in a clan empire where others than the judiciary establish one's guilt or can release one Instead of continuing this whispering game, I call for a trial where I will have the opportunity to cleanse myself “, Hanif Bali writes in his post.

The accusations against Hanif Bali

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