Audi, in-car entertainment will be? immersive


There are more and more cars & ugrave; real computers on 4 wheels. Car manufacturers are working to offer more and more digital services; evolved to their customers. In particular, the manufacturers are also working on developing new solutions related to in-car entertainment . As it already has; Tesla demonstrated and as we have seen in different concepts, in the cars it will be possible to play video games, watch movies and more.

Also Audi & egrave; committed on this front and makes it known that in the future it will be; It is possible to travel living immersive experiences in the field of gaming, cinema and events, wearing simple glasses for reality; virtual. VR contents , in fact, will adapt in real time to the movements of the car.


This will be; possible thanks to the technology developed by by holoride , a startup founded in Munich at the end of 2018 and in which Audi holds a minority stake. According to the German brand, the goal of the startup is; to make car journeys a multisensory experience. Thanks to the VR headsets, passengers will be able to watch a movie or enjoy interactive content with a much more level of realism; high compared to today.

In addition, the technology that holoride has developed adapts & agrave; in real time the contents to the movements of the car. For example, if at some point the car will roll over on the right, also any plane that is flying in the virtual environment will take & agrave; the same direction. Audi highlights that, thanks to this technology, virtual reality (VR) evolves into extended reality (XR) .

An example of this future is; was shown during the Salzburg Festival which is & egrave; held at the end of August. In this venue, the visitors, aboard an Audi e-tron, passed through the symbolic places of the city; experiencing the highlights of the Festival thanks to VR glasses.

The startup, says Audi, allows developers to create unprecedented reality formats; extended. Holoride has made available a platform called & quot; Elastic & quot; which includes a software development kit that allows you to create and create immersive gaming and entertainment experiences.

In the future, thanks to the expansion of Car-to-X , that is; of the & quot; dialogue & quot; between the car and the infrastructure, it will be; traffic conditions can become part of the onboard experience.

Stops at traffic lights will turn into unexpected obstacles within a game or into occasions for a short quiz during an educational program. In addition, the rooting of autonomous driving will bring to the expansion of the entertainment offer, opening the doors to greater opportunities; of learning and working while traveling.

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