Aston Martin DBX: here is the restyling. What if it's a pi version? powerful?


The photographers stationed in front of the Nurburgring circuit have just photographed the new version of the Aston Martin DBX 2022 , the first high-performance SUV of the English brand. The photos have aroused some interest since & eacute; the Super Sport Utility Vehicle wears a brand new front bumper, a news that has given rise to various assumptions: sar & agrave; the next facelift? Or we are looking at a newer version; sporty and what does high performance reserve for the DBX?

As anticipated, looking closely at the spy photos you can see that the Aston Martin DBX has a slightly revised front front with a more air intake large and new daytime running lights. These are largely obscured by a conspicuous cover, but the larger section; lower face brings a splitter pi & ugrave; pronounced and designed compared to today's generation, not to mention that also the design of the optical group is; been slightly revised and now appears more & ugrave; thin.

The side of the car and the tail, for the moment, do not seem to bring anything new; noteworthy and there & egrave; It is known whether the beating heart of the new Aston Martin DBX , which hides under the hood, is equipped with more foals in its service. DBX currently has the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine , & quot; borrowed & quot; from Mercedes, capable of 542 hp and a remarkable torque of 700 Nm of torque.

All this power is; released on the ground thanks to the presence of an automatic gearbox with nine ratios, ideal for exploiting all gears and all the necessary power in all driving conditions. The DBX also uses all-wheel drive. Any data? The 0-100 km/h is burned in 4.3 seconds and then you can & ograve; launch up to 290 Km/h.

In short, already we now have considerable powers for the & quot; standard & quot; version. If instead we try to suppose that the DBX immortalized in the photos hides an even more & ugrave; thrust and more; & quot; racing addicted & quot; we can imagine the presence of the engine supplied to the Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S, therefore a heart V8 biturbo with 4.0 liters and 600 HP .

In this case, the numbers pitted first they would translate into a 0-100 reachable in less than 4 seconds. Rumors on the net also offer the possibility; to equip the new DBX with a V12 engine, but the writer has attended some press conferences of the British brand and the scent & egrave; to make the most of the V8s, without taking into consideration engines more & ugrave; large. Who have changed their minds?

[Spy Photo: CarScoops]

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