Apple Watch Series 7 has the same processor as its predecessor


The announcement of the Apple Watch Series 7 has raised eyebrows among many Apple fans. In recent months there have been several persistent rumors that Apple would significantly renew the design, in combination with the larger screen. Although there had been production issues for some time, they were said to have been resolved and nothing stood in the way of an early release. Unfortunately that turned out differently. The Apple Watch Series 7 does have a larger screen, but in almost exactly the same housing. And not only the housing has remained the same, because the chip also seems to be the same in the Apple Watch Series 7.

Chip in Apple Watch Series 7: the same processor?

Apple actually provides the Apple Watch with a new chip every year, with a corresponding new name. The chips are usually faster, with the exception of the S5 chip in the Apple Watch Series 5. There, Apple only added the built-in compass. But the chip was at least given another name. That doesn't seem to be the case with the Apple Watch Series 7. Apple will probably put the same chip in it as the Apple Watch Series 6, namely the S6 chip.

During the presentation, Apple did not say a word about the processor, chip or computing power of the new Apple Watch. That usually means only one thing: nothing has changed. According to developer Steve Troughton-Smith, the Apple Watch Series 7 indeed contains the same S6 chip as in the predecessor. The latest version of Xcode (Apple's developer app) shows that it is exactly the same chip. Even the model number is the same (t8301), which suggests that it is exactly the same S6 chip.

A lot of uncertainty about Apple Watch Series 7
Apple has also not published a detailed specification page of the Apple Watch Series 7 this time. But even about the display, no details are known: the resolution and the screen surface have not been disclosed by Apple. Apple even withheld the new formats (41mm and 45mm) during the presentation, although we now know that these are the new case sizes.

But not only the specifications are still unclear. The release date and the Dutch price of the Apple Watch Series 7 are also still a mystery. There are also suspicions that the 4G version will finally come to the Netherlands, although we still have no confirmation of that.

There are suspicions that Apple has changed the design of the new Apple Watch Series 7 at the last minute to the familiar design and has abandoned plans for the flat design. sides. There have been rumors of production issues before and that would also explain why details surrounding the new Apple Watch are so sparse and it isn't expected until later this year.