Åkesson's farewell gift to Löfven: A sausage


Published 15 September 2021 at 11.54

Domestic. A copy of the super strong sausage “Die Harder 6.0”. It became Jimmie Åkesson's gift when Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was thanked in the Riksdag today.

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Stefan Löfven participates in his last party leader debate in the Riksdag on Wednesday.

Traditionally, the other party leaders handed over gifts to the outgoing S-leader and the Prime Minister.

The Moderates Ulf Kristersson made a big splash and invited Löfven on a trip to London with an Abba concert.

SD leader Jimmie Åkesson instead handed over the book “Den svenska korvresan”, and a sausage, to Stefan Löfven.

< p> – Food unites people. Sausages unite people, Åkesson stated.

He said that the sausage is a “Die Harder 6.0”, which aspires to be the world's strongest sausage.

– But considering all the spicy formulations that Stefan Löfven has come up with over the years, I think he can handle the sausage better than I do, said Åkesson.

He also thanked the Prime Minister for all the debates over the years, and then quoted “almost” Pippi Longstocking .

– It was nice and fun that you came, but it was more fun when you went.

Stefan Löfven laughed at this and received the gift from Jimmie Åkesson.