Volkswagen, OTA updates arrive for all models in the ID range.


The advent of mobility electric not & egrave; the only big change cars are facing. The cars, in fact, today look more and more like; to smartphones and just like mobile devices they can be updated with the introduction of new features; and improvements. At the beginning of July, Volkswagen had announced the start of the distribution of the first OTA updates dedicated to its ID.3 and ID.4.

However, the update were reserved for customers who had subscribed to the ID. First Movers Club when buying their electric car. Now, the automaker has announced that the update is; available for all its cars of the ID family. Anyone who bought an ID.3, an ID.4 and an ID.4 GTX will be able to download and install the update.


Updates are developed in closecollaboration with CARIAD , the company & agrave; of the Volkswagen Group that deals with the software. The news that introduces this update are basically those that had arrived a few months ago to the customers who are part of the ID. First Movers Club. So, we have the introduction of ID.Software 2.3 . Therefore, improvements to the ID will come. Light , that is; to the light strip located at the bottom of the windshield to provide the driver with visual feedback to help him drive more effectively. efficient.

Then comes an improvement in the image processing of the multifunction camera. Now, it will be; able to recognize more; quickly motorcycles and other road users. There is also a better management of the dynamic control of the high beams in order to have greater precision of the light beam. The update also introduces some improvements to the graphical interface of the infotainment.

While not big news, it is; just a taste of what's to come in the future. Volkswagen has once again reiterated that it intends to release new updates approximately every 12 weeks . All these updates will be free and will allow the cars to always have the latest features. At the same time, the manufacturer also makes it known that he is evaluating the possibility; to offer paid functions and services. For example, depending on the needs, even if only for a short period of time, the customer may; enable functions such as Travel Assist or increased range.

A new business that Volkswagen believes could be worth hundreds of millions of euros in additional revenue over the next few years.

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