Toyota launches Corolla Cross in Japan (will not arrive in Europe)


The Toyota Corolla Cross it also debuts on the Japanese market with some differences compared to the model for the United States and Thailand. For those hoping that this car can arrive in Europe and therefore also in Italy, the news is not positive. The Corolla Cross, in fact, will not land; in the Old Continent, at least for the moment. The crossover/SUV segment is; more and more; popular and therefore you can not & ograve; to exclude that Toyota decides, in the future, to bring it also in Europe, obviously in the hybrid version only.

Let's see the main features of the Corolla Cross for the Japanese market.


Compared to the Japanese, US and Thailand versions features for some novelties; at the design level . In particular, the front & egrave; almost completely revised with a grille and with the optical groups that have a different design. In profile there do not seem to be any particular novelties, while behind there are small changes such as the headlights whose shapes have been slightly revised.

The passenger compartment, right hand drive apart, does not appear to have undergone major changes. This is not surprising as when a manufacturer & quot; adapts & quot; his car to a different market, usually the main changes are at the level of the exterior design. The interior space is not lacking, while the trunk can & ograve; count on a ability; 487 liters .

The car, in Japan, will be available with a 1.8-liter petrol engine as well as a Full Hybrid solution. The unit hybrid will be able to also be combined with electric all-wheel drive. Accurate engine and performance data were not disclosed. The two-wheel drive hybrid model is; able to travel 26.2 liters/100 km.

The starting prices , in Japan, range from 1,999,000 yen to 3,199,000 yen, that is; from approximately € 15,363 to € 24,586. If in the future it were to arrive in Europe as well, the Corolla Cross would be positioned between the RAV4 and the new Yaris Cross. Its dimensions are similar to those of the C-HR (6 cm more).

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