Land Rover Defender: a luxury version in 2025


Land Rover Defender may soon present a super-luxurious version based on the new MLA platform , a platform defined as & quot; flexible & quot; given its possibility; to be able to take care of electrified engines.

Hypothetically, a new Land Rover Defender wearing a luxury suit could be present in the range with a wide spectrum of engines , from the mild-hybrid engine to the & quot; plug & quot; Plug-In (3.0-liter straight-six) to then switch to a 100% electric version or a nice V8. The new MLA platform, according to the men who designed the year, is; the right basis to allow the Defender to still show exceptional off-road skills, while maintaining enviable comfort on the road.

INTERIORS IN RANGE ROVER STYLE < img src = "/wp-content/uploads/ae58e7309b6adcf8c7bd98537dcf0ee8.jpg" />

A luxury Defender will bring & agrave; certainly in interior less & quot; rustic & quot; dowry; and pi & ugrave; taken care of , plus & ugrave; resembling those of a Range Rover perhaps with some wood inserts and the upholstery all covered with eco-sustainable leather. After all, the Defender has a certain feeling with nature, so better preserve this relationship.

As for the space on board, the new MLA platform will allow & agrave; to the new luxury Land Rover Defender to have 7 seats but not & egrave; said that this will happen; surely since it is so; making the new Defender & quot; pi & ugrave; haughty & quot; could rival the next generation Discovery at home.

If we ever see a new luxury Land Rover Defender on the market, this could appear not before 2024-2025 with a price that could be around 70,000 euros starting.

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